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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Calves and wild plum blossoms

 Calving continues. We had an inch of rain over the past few days. It was so welcome! Today the sun came out and it would have been beautiful if the wind hadn't blown. Our thermometer showed 63 degrees out on the deck late this afternoon. The downside was the wind felt like it had to be blowing off of a snow bank with a chill factor of   at least 14F! Tomorrow the weather is supposed to warm up a bit more thru Thursday, sunny with no wind. Gosh, I hope so!

Thanks to the rain, things are getting greener. Some of the trees now have leaves while others just barely are budded. The wild plums have been blooming for just over a week in our area. We have had several frosts but most seem to have survived getting nipped. Last year, everything bloomed profusely and we had hopes of large amounts of chokecherries, buffalo berries & plums to pick and make jelly from. Berries were almost non-existent  as the summer progressed. It seems that frost isn't the only enemy of blooming fruit trees and bushes in the spring. We didn't have frost in our area during the time of blooming, we had numerous heavy rains that evidently washed away the majority of the pollen and prevented fruit from forming. Thank goodness for the wildlife's sake that we had such a mild winter when they were lacking those food sources.

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Shirley said...

Cute li'l rascals- look at those eyelashes! I'm thinking of planting blueberries this year, they sure are expensive to buy.